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pai○n certifie■d as Top Empl●oyer for 2017Hu○awei Spain cer〓tified as Top Em◆ployer for 201〓7Huawei Spain cert■ified as Top Emplo◆yer for 201◆702-10-2017 07◆:33 BJTMADRID,● Feb. 9 (Xinhua)● -- Chinese te●lecommunications H〓uawei Spain h■as been named as on●e of the top○ employers 2017 by t■he Top Employe■rs Institute, a○ global certifi○cation company● recognizing e○xcellence in〓 the conditions● that employers ●create for their● people

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.Huawe■i Spain confirmed th●e news on ◆Thursday that it wa●s among 81 ■companies i〓n Spain to receive〓 this recog○nition on We■dnesday, joinin○g a list of ○employers such ●as Banco Santa○nder, Repsol

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  • rch,◆ said Honor was try■ing to build up i●ts brand image by s◆triking a balanc○e between qua○lity and pri■
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